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አስተማማኝ ፈጣን ቀላል የፓስፖርትና ትዉልድ መታወቂያ እድሳት

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አስተማማኝ፣ ጥራት ያለውና ደህንነቱን የጠበቀ ሰነዶችን ለተጠቃሚው ተደራሽ በማድረግ ህጋዊ የሰዎች እንቅስቃሴን ማረጋገጥ እና ለውጭ አገር ዜጎች የዜግነት አገልግሎት መስጠት፣ በጥናትና ምርምር የተደገፈ፣ በዘመናዊ ቴክኖሎጂና አሰራር የታገዘ ስርዓትን በመጠቀም፣ ደህንነቱ የተረጋገጠ መረጃና ማስረጃን በብቃትና በጥራት በማመንጨት አደራጅቶ መያዝ እና ለተጠቃሚው ተደራሽ ማድረግ፣ ኤጀንሲው በሚሰጠው አገልግሎት ጠቀሜታ ዙሪያ የህብረተሰቡን እና ባለድርሻ አካላትን ግንዛቤ በማሳደግ አገልግሎት አሰጣጡን ቀልጣፋና ውጤታማ ማድረግ፣

Our mission moving forward is for the full digitalization of all Ethiopian Embassy services, to ensure ease-of-access and a hassle-free travel access for the diaspora community. . Furthermore, by optimizing our processes around the world, we hope to incentivize and generate more business from the global Ethiopian diaspora, to help support Ethiopia’s economy and rise as the “feel good” story coming out of Africa. Our role as government representatives is to empower our citizens and diaspora with the tools necessary to compete and succeed in the global marketplace. We want Ethiopia to become an easy destination for investment, tourism and opportunity.


  • አገር ወዳድነት፣
  • የተሟላ ስብዕና፣
  • ተጠያቂነት፣
  • በቡድን መስራት፣
  • አገልጋይነት፣
  • ምስጢር መጠበቅ፣
  • ፍትሃዊነት፣

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Expedited e-Passport Renewal

  • $60 Embassy Fee
  • $100 Service Fee

Expedited Lost Passport without Passport Image

  • $90 Embassy Fee
  • $100 Service Fee

Expedited e-Yellow Renewal

  • $200 Embassy Fee
  • $100 Service Fee


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